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Know why some people are unable to make eye contact while talking, is it fear or illness?

Eye Contact Anxiety : Are you also unable to talk to someone by looking them in the eyes? Do you look away while talking to someone? If yes then you are in the grip of Eye Contact Anxiety Disorder. Eye contact disorder is called ophthalmophobia. People suffering from this phobia are unable to make eye contact and talk. Sometimes it is normal to happen but often it is a disorder. This is a kind of mental health related problem. In which a person is afraid even to express his feelings.

What are the symptoms of eye contact anxiety?

not being able to express your feelings

Such people are not able to share their feelings with anyone. Due to which they feel very disappointed and lonely. This can have a bad effect on their mental health.

be alert about yourself

People suffering from eye contact anxiety, while talking to others, keep wondering whether the other person is judging them. That person may keep talking to someone else but his entire focus remains on himself.

stay away from society

People suffering from eye contact anxiety remain isolated from society. They feel better being alone. They feel that people will judge them if they go out into the society. That’s why they stay away from people.

habit of procrastinating

Whenever people with eye contact anxiety talk to someone, they look away or down instead of making eye contact. They have a habit of postponing things.

physical symptoms

The person affected by eye contact has a faster heartbeat, sweats and his body starts trembling. During this time his mouth becomes dry. Not only this, he may also be at risk of having a panic attack.

4 ways to avoid eye contact anxiety

1. Spend as much time as possible with family and friends, share your feelings.

2. To keep the mind calm and active, do deep breathing exercises and meditation.

3. Take CBT therapy from a professional therapist.

4. Go to social activities as much as possible. Meeting people will eliminate the fear inside you.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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