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Like Deepika Padukone, if you are planning pregnancy after 35, then know how safe and how risky it is to conceive.

Pregnancy Tips: Bollywood’s hit actresses Deepika Padukone, Yami Gautam and Richa Chaddha are going to become mothers soon. The age of all of them is above 35 years, whereas in reality 30 years is considered good for pregnancy. However, not only Bollywood actresses, many women conceive after 30 years or till the age of 35. In such a situation, let us know from experts how safe and how difficult it is to conceive at this ageā€¦

Is it safe to conceive after the age of 35?

According to experts, eggs start being produced in women right from birth. This means that even if one conceives at the age of 20, 30 or 35, the production of female eggs that help in this starts from childhood itself. The longer these eggs remain in the body, the lower the risk of serious chromosomal problems for the unborn child. Whereas conceiving after the age of 35 can lead to high risk of Down Syndrome in the child.

At what age does women’s fertility decrease?

According to doctors, after the age of 30, women’s fertility starts decreasing. However, most women do not face much problem in the beginning, but after the age of 35-36, the fertility of some women remains high and that of some starts decreasing. In such a situation, with increasing age the number of eggs starts decreasing, due to which fertility reduces. Along with this, other problems related to pregnancy can also increase after 30.

Difficulties in pregnancy after the age of 35

1. The risk of abortion or miscarriage is very high.

2. The risk of stillbirth becomes higher.

3. Risk of gestational diabetes

4. Risk of Preeclampsia

5. Low birth weight of the child

6. Risk of complications and cesarean during delivery

7. Problem of deep vein thrombosis with thickening of blood and formation of clots.

Special tips for healthy pregnancy after age 35

1. Make lifestyle healthy for safe and healthy pregnancy.

2. Consult a doctor before conceiving.

3. Get all tests done for sexually transmitted infections before pregnancy to avoid complications.

4. Exercise every day, manage stress. Take a balanced diet.

5. Keep getting your blood sugar level checked, keep yourself emotionally and mentally healthy.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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