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Now what is the new disease, fungal infection Candida auris, which is spreading rapidly in America?

A special type of disease, which is a fungal infection, is spreading rapidly in America. The name of this disease is Candida Auris Fungal Disease. This month, at least 4 people in Washington fell victim to this disease. This disease is considered very dangerous because it is a rare type of infection. According to doctors, its mortality rate is very high. At the same time, this is such a fungal infection on which the effect of medicines is very slow.

This infection is spreading rapidly

This infection is spreading rapidly in hospitals. There have been many cases in which the patient did not know that he had Candida auris fungal infection. Because it does not show any specific symptoms. Because in this disease the patient does not fall ill immediately. Due to which this disease is spreading rapidly among other people also.

The first case came on January 10

According to NBC News, cases of this fungal infection were reported in America on January 10. After this, three more new cases were reported in Seattle and King County. This fungal infection first attacks the immunity of any person. Due to which many antifungal medicines also do not work on this disease. Due to which the patient starts suffering from other diseases. Later it causes death.

What do doctors say?

According to doctors, this infection increases due to the use of pathogen feeding tube, breathing tube or catheter heater. It is so dangerous that it spreads rapidly from blood to skin and infects. This can cause major wounds. Its symptoms are not visible for the first few days. But by the time it becomes visible, it spreads to other people.

If someone gets this disease, then keep the infected patient in a separate room. If you go to provide any kind of help to the patient, use gloves on your hands. Use hand sanitizer occasionally. Apart from this, keep children away from the patient. This infection first started in Japan. 2377 people were infected in the year 2022, 53 people were infected in 2016. Till now its cases have been reported in 40 countries.

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