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One third of diabetic patients are at risk of fibrosis, study reveals surprising fact

Diabetes Risk: Diabetes is a rapidly growing disease which is lifestyle related and has many serious consequences. Recently, a study conducted in Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi has revealed that the risk of liver fibrosis increases in about one-third of the patients suffering from diabetes. The doctors of the hospital have said this after examining the fibrosis score tool of diabetic patients.

Risk of liver fibrosis in diabetic patients

During the investigation conducted in this regard, it was seen that the patients whose sugar level was not controlled had a higher risk of liver fibrosis. During the investigation, it was revealed that about 30 percent of the total diabetic patients had mid risk of fibrosis in their body. About five percent of these patients were at high level risk of liver fibrosis. Let us tell you that liver fibrosis is a condition when the liver starts getting damaged. This is called the first stage of liver disease. In this medical condition, many types of wounds are formed on the healthy tissues of the liver which gradually start deteriorating the liver.

Know what is liver fibrosis

In liver fibrosis, the liver does not function properly and its scarred tissues disturb the blood flow inside the liver. Due to this, liver cells start getting damaged and liver disease occurs. Doctors say that if liver fibrosis is not taken care of, it can turn into liver cirrhosis in which the liver gets completely damaged. Liver cirrhosis is a fatal disease. But if attention is paid to liver fibrosis, it can be treated and the patient can avoid getting affected by liver cirrhosis. In such a situation, it is important to regularly check the fibrosis score tool, especially for diabetic patients.

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