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Overboiled tea can become ‘poison’, avoid drinking it in cold, otherwise…

Tea Side Effects: Most people like to drink tea. During the winter season, many people drink several cups of tea throughout the day. Some people cannot live without tea even for some time. It is believed that a cup of tea in cold can prevent many diseases. Tea is said to be the best immunity booster in winter. However, one should avoid drinking too much tea even during winter season. Health experts advise not to drink too much tea in winter. He says that the intake of tea (Tea Side Effects) increases significantly during the cold season, which can create challenges for health. Let us know why you should drink less tea in winters…

Avoid ginger tea

Drinking ginger tea in winter gives relief. Drinking this not only provides relief from cold and cough, it also provides relief to a great extent from the problem of frequent urination. However, health experts advise not to drink ginger tea. He says that by adding ginger, cloves and cardamom to tea and boiling it for a long time, the tannins present in it come out, which helps in creating acidity. Therefore, try not to boil the tea for too long.

What is tannin in tea

Tannin is a type of antioxidant, which is found in tea leaves. When tannins are taken in large amounts, acid reflux and gas formation occurs. If gas persists for a long time after drinking tea, then the problem of swelling in the stomach starts. Therefore, people who have intestinal problems should drink tea as little as possible. Those suffering from stomach infection should also stop tea completely.

How much tea should one drink in a day?

According to experts, tea should be drunk only two to three times a day. More tea than this can be harmful. Even in the winter season, tea is considered good only when drunk two to three times a day, otherwise it can cause harm.

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