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People of Aries, Virgo, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Pisces should not do this work even by mistake today, know your horoscope for 25th February.

Daily Horoscope 26 February 2024: According to astrology, 26 February 2024, Monday, is an important day. Dwitiya Tithi and then Tritiya Tithi will remain till 11:17 pm tonight. Today there will be Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra throughout the day. Today, there will be support from Vashi Yoga, Anandadi Yoga, Sunfa Yoga, Budhaditya Yoga, Dhriti Yoga formed by the planets. If your zodiac sign is Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius then you will get the benefit of Shasha Yoga.

Moon will be in Virgo after 08:11 in the morning, while there will be eclipse defect of Moon-Ketu. Note the auspicious time for auspicious work today. There are two times today. There will be auspicious Choghadiya from 10.15 to 11:15 in the morning and Labh-Amrit’s Choghadiya from 04:00 to 06:00 in the afternoon. There will be Rahukaal from 07:30 to 09:00 in the morning. What does Monday bring for other zodiac signs? Let us know today’s horoscope (Rashifal in Hindi)-

With the formation of Budhaditya, Dhriti Yoga, your speech power will impact everyone in the corporate business meeting and its effect will be visible in your business also. Businessmen will be successful in taking some major financial decisions, which will also improve the economic graph. Consistency in performance at the workplace and your eagerness towards goals will ease the way for your promotion. “No goal is greater than the courage of man; only he who does not fight is defeated.”

Time is good for a working person, your work will be appreciated by your seniors and boss which will add insult to injury for your opponents. You can plan to go to a picnic spot or religious trip with the family. You may get some good news from your spouse. You will feel relief from toothache. The first day of the week will prove to be better for the students and they will taste success.

Taurus –
Complete business positive thinking project on time. Instead of paying attention to the activities of competitors, businessmen should focus on their work. If they had to apply for a job, they might get a call asking them for an interview. Due to the formation of Dhriti, Budhaditya Yoga, you will get support from seniors at the workplace. To be successful in studies, students have to concentrate on their studies, only then they can

Will be able to be successful in your life. You are advised to invest for the future of the family, because you may need financial support in the future. Considering the economic condition of the new generation, helping someone more than your capacity can get you into trouble. You will be successful in leaving a mark of speech in married life. In terms of health, you will be troubled by digestive problems. Will perform well at the social level.

In business, court decisions can become a noose around your neck. Businessman, if you have any judicial case going on, then the circumstances and the play of planets are pointing you towards a settlement. You may get trapped in the web of lies and dishonesty spread by your opponents in the office. Stay alert. ‘The biggest truth in the world is honesty, and the biggest lie is dishonesty.

“The mind of a working person will be hot on some matter. Therefore, you will have to remain very cool. You will have to control your speech in the family. You will be troubled by the problem of back pain. Due to the formation of eclipse defect, you will have to face some problems at the social level. You are advised to be patient and restrained in your dealings with your spouse. Contestants will be in a state of confusion regarding competitive exams.

You can plan to invest the accumulated money from business in mutual funds, profit markets, and property. The businessman has to maintain distance from those things which cause rift in the partnership. The unemployed may get hope after struggling a lot for jobs. “The one who walks the path of struggle changes the world, the one who has won the battle through the nights,

It emerges as the sun. Your opinion will be sought regarding any particular issue in the family. Talking about the new generation, spending unnecessarily to create a status can make you regret later. Along with your expenses, you will also be able to control your behavior in married life. Diabetic persons should be alert about their health. You may make a mistake at the social level. Time can be a bit challenging for students.

Leo –
Keep all types of documents related to business safely as you may need them at any time. Maintain distance from politics going on at workplace. You should focus on your work. “To achieve great success in life, focus on work and not on people’s words.” You will be successful in creating an atmosphere of happiness in the family.

The influence of negative thoughts will increase on the new generation, but you do not have to worry too much. There may be a discussion with your spouse on a specific issue. You will feel some relief from ankle pain. Students may be a little worried about the future, which will take them towards a better future.

Virgo –
Finalizing any deal in business will be no less than a challenge for you. You are seen to be in a state of dilemma in business related matters, in such a situation, discuss with your father or brother without any hesitation. You will progress through your hard work without believing in luck in the workplace. “If you want to achieve success in life, then believe in hard work. Luck is tested in gambling.” A working person should not officially leave work for later,

Otherwise the work will remain incomplete and you will be left wringing your hands. In terms of health, you will be troubled by common cold in view of the changing weather. With the formation of Budhaditya and Dhriti Yoga, your tension will reduce as property related matters will be resolved. In married life, we will try to make life better by understanding each other. Contestants will have to face some problems while giving competitive exams.

Due to the formation of eclipse, apart from unnecessary expenses in business, other expenses will create problems for you. Be cautious of your opponents at the workplace, you may become a victim of some conspiracy. Employed people should do their work themselves, because by taking help from others, they can take credit for good work themselves. There will be futile races and busyness at the social and political level. From health point of view, if your weight is above average, then you should increase physical exertion. The list of unwanted expenses can be long, so shorten it.

Otherwise, you may have an argument with your life partner regarding these matters. Winning in the family: The more you keep your ego aside, the better it will be for you and your family. “Even the biggest relationships break due to arrogance.” There will be lack of trust in married life. Students should stop hanging out with friends and concentrate on their studies.

Your hold on the market will take your business to new heights. A businessman can benefit from those items which have been kept in storage for a long time. With the formation of Budhaditya and Dhriti Yoga, there can be chances of success at the workplace. A working person trying for transfer seems to be getting success. You will be troubled by digestion problems.

“Health is the greatest gift, contentment is the greatest wealth, loyalty is the greatest wealth.” There will be worship-rituals in the family in which you will be important. The play of planets will lead to taking wrong decisions. Along with this, it can also bring sourness in close relationships. The rift with your spouse will be resolved. Along with social work at the political level, you will complete your personal work. As soon as the exam date is announced, students will be busy completing their revision.

Due to the formation of Budhaditya and Dhriti Yoga, new equipment can be purchased in the business. There is a strong possibility of meeting with a big client to start a new business. You will move forward overcoming difficulties at the workplace. “If you want to move ahead in life, first take your step towards the task which is the biggest and most difficult, the smaller difficulties will automatically go away.

“Keeping in mind the changing weather, there may be problems of cold and allergy. Division of property in the family may take place in your presence. The new generation has to be ready for responsibility, some big responsibility may soon be handed over to you. Spouse Shopping can be done in view of the festival. Your work will be done due to efficient management at the social and political level. The day will be wonderful for the students, they will be rest assured about their results.

With the formation of Budhaditya and Dhriti Yoga, you will be successful in gaining hold on the businessman market. The businessman will get an opportunity to open another branch of business in another city or country. Due to reduction in workload in the office, work will improve due to which everyone will appreciate your work. Employed people should pay attention to the advice received from seniors and bosses, just understand that

His advice can prove to be a ladder of progress for you. If the new generation is waiting for the exam results, then understand that your dream can be fulfilled, the result will be promising. You will have to maintain faith in your loved ones in the family. “Have the same faith in your loved ones as you have faith in medicines, they may be a little bitter but will be for your benefit.” You will be successful in your efforts to repair the relationship in your married life. Spots persons will work hard to keep themselves fit.

You will be troubled due to court-related matters not turning out in your favor in business. Due to the formation of eclipse, avoid getting hit in the workplace, work while remaining alert. The workload of a working person may increase, despite this you have to maintain mental balance. Your anger in the family may spoil the situation.

“Anger poisons relationships by increasing misunderstandings. Some activity of your spouse can put you in trouble. Students will not understand some topics in studies due to which they will remain troubled, as well as sports persons will be troubled with pain. New Generation Being boastful can create trouble for them, improve this habit quickly. There can be problem of infection in the body. Be alert about health.

With the formation of Budhaditya and Dhriti Yoga, there will be progress in business and will also bring financial benefits. There will be no limit to your happiness if you get transferred to your desired place at the workplace. There may be an increase in office and household work for a working person, which has to be completed while taking rest. You will be troubled by stomach pain, taking it lightly can prove to be costly for you.

Planning will be made to travel with family regarding religious journey. There will be days of romance in married life. Due to laziness, problems may arise for you at social and political level. Students have to focus on taking higher education, because your higher education will be useful for a bright future. Spots will create opposing obstacles to prevent the person from moving forward. “A person who moves forward never hinders anyone and a person who hinders others never moves forward.

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