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People working in offices should be careful, sitting in one place for hours can cause these diseases.

There is so much work pressure in the office in shifts of 8-9 hours that we keep working continuously for hours. But do you know how sitting and working at one place for hours can prove to be very harmful for our health. This can prove dangerous for the body as well as the mind. Its direct effect is on the bones, due to which many types of problems increase further. Let us know what health problems can occur due to sitting for hours?

neck pain and stiffness

Sitting continuously in the office for 8-9 hours causes stiffness and pain in the neck and shoulders. Apart from all this, the risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease as well as cancer also increases.

Immune system becomes weak

As soon as you go to office, you sit on a chair, due to this the cells of the body gradually start becoming weak. This affects immunity a lot. In such a situation, try to take breaks in between and do exercise in such situations.

back pain

Sitting at one place for a long time at home or office causes bones to become weak. Many times you might have noticed that due to sitting in the same position, pain starts in the knees and waist areas. One should keep taking breaks in between sitting jobs. Do not work while sitting in a wrong posture on the chair, otherwise you will get back pain.

weight may increase

Sitting in the same position continuously can make the body fall ill in many ways. Calories are not burnt due to sitting for hours. Due to which weight starts increasing gradually. Many diseases occur due to weight gain.

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