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Poonam Pandey talked about HPV vaccine by sharing the video of her being alive, know what it is?

Model, actress Poonam Pandey is alive. On February 2, his team had announced his death due to cervical cancer. On 3rd February i.e. today, Poonam Pandey herself has shared a video of hers. In which she is saying that I am alive. I have not died of cervical cancer. But the sad thing is that like me, millions of women cannot say the same. Who die from this disease every year.

Why is cervical cancer the cause of death?

Poonam further says that the news of death due to cervical cancer was just a way to make people aware about cervical cancer. While sharing the video, Poonam Pandey says that treatment of cervical cancer is possible compared to other cancers. If people start becoming aware about this, then this disease can be avoided. If we get cervical tests done every year and take the HPV vaccine, then lives can be saved from this disease.

What is HPV Vaccine?

Cervical Cancer vaccine, one of the deadly diseases launched in India, has been designed to eliminate this disease. The name of this Made in India vaccine is Quadrivalent Human Papillomavirus Vaccine (HPV Vaccine). Actually, this vaccine kills HPV, the virus found in this cancer. Therefore, if this vaccine is given to small children and girls, then they can be protected from the virus till the age of 30 years. Today we tell you when, how and where you can take this vaccine.

How many doses of quadrivalent human papillomavirus vaccine are required?

3 doses of this vaccine will be given but the dose of the vaccine will be decided according to age.

Where will the vaccine be available

This vaccine will be made available through government channels. Then after some time it will be provided in private clinics also.

Know the price of the vaccine (Cervical Cancer Vaccine Cost)

So that common people can also get this vaccine, its price can be kept between Rs 200 to Rs 400, but it is being told that the price has not been decided yet.

How many doses have been made in India so far

Initially, 20 crore doses have been prepared so far. First of all it will be distributed in India. Only after that it will be exported to other countries.

What is cervical cancer?

Actually this cancer is found in the cervix of women. This is a virus called Human Papilloma, which is a type of infection and which spreads through sexual contact. Due to continuous infection, it takes the form of cervical cancer. However, if it is detected at the right time, it can be treated, but if it is delayed, it can be cured through palliative care.

About 1,22,000 new cases of cervical cancer are reported in India, of which about 67,500 are women. Cervical cancer accounts for 11.1 percent of total cancer-related deaths. This situation becomes worse because only 3.1 percent of women in the country get tested for this condition, due to which the rest of the women live under the shadow of danger.

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