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Pregnant women want to give birth to children on the day of Ram Mandir Pran Pratistha, but doctors

On 22 January 2024 in Ayodhya

Doctors from different states of the country have said that we have received many such requests in which women want to give birth to a child through C-section on January 22. But we do not consider this type of delivery appropriate. There are some people who want to have children only at a very specific time. But we are doctors and we work according to medical science. We will deliver only after considering the condition of the child and mother. Gynecologist Niranjan Chavan of Mumbai, Dr Cherry Shah. Such requests have come to doctors from different corners of the country. In which the family of the pregnant woman wants the child to be born on 22 January only. According to Delhi’s senior doctor Ruchi Tandon, the most important thing for a doctor is healthy delivery in which both mother and child remain safe. Rest things after this.

Pregnant women requested doctors

Doctor Seema Dwivedi of Maternal Child Hospital under GSVM Medical College, Kanpur told that the pregnant women whose due date is in the month of January and the due date is around 22nd January. He says that his delivery should be done on 22nd only. So far about 13 to 14 women have made such a request. 

Dr. Seema Dwivedi told that earlier also women have been requesting for the birth of their children for a particular time, but there is a lot of enthusiasm among the pregnant women about 22nd January, although the time of delivery is not permanent but, the operation This becomes possible in case of. The decision will be taken keeping in mind the health of the women who have made such a request and the health of their child. Keeping in view the demand for delivery on this special day, preparations have also been made.

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