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Skin and heels start cracking due to use of too hot water, know how to avoid this

Taking bath with hot water in winter or cold weather feels very pleasant. However, often we are unaware that using too hot water can be harmful for our skin and heels. Hot water strips the skin of essential oils, leaving the skin dry and inevitably cracking. Especially in winter, when the air is drier, this problem can become even more serious. Heels are particularly affected, as they crack easily.  To avoid this problem, adopt these measures…

Use lukewarm water: Use lukewarm water for bathing instead of very hot water. Lukewarm water is gentle on the skin and keeps the skin moisturized. This keeps the skin soft and healthy. Therefore, to take care of the skin and keep it moisturized, one should choose lukewarm water instead of hot water.

Limit bathing time
Staying in water for a long time also causes the skin to lose moisture. Bathing time should not exceed 5-10 minutes. Do not rub your heels too much, this can also lead to cracked heels. 

Use moisturizer
Use of moisturizer is very beneficial to maintain skin moisture. Moisturizer should be applied immediately after bathing when your skin is still damp. By doing this the moisturizer penetrates deeply into the skin and helps in keeping the skin hydrated. It prevents moisture from escaping from the skin and keeps the skin soft and smooth. Therefore, it is very important to apply moisturizer immediately after bathing.

Use natural oils:
Use natural oils like coconut oil or olive oil on the skin.  These oils deeply nourish the skin and help repair cracked skin. 

Keep drinking water: Staying hydrated keeps the skin healthy and moisturized. Drink enough water throughout the day. Drinking adequate amount of water keeps our skin, hair and body parts moisturized. With this they become healthy  Live. A healthy adult must drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily. 

Ankle Care: To avoid dry and cracked ankle skin, apply thick moisturizer or petroleum jelly thoroughly on your heels every night before sleeping. Let the moisturizer penetrate well into the skin of your feet and massage for 5-10 minutes. 

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