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Take care of your heart like this after a heart attack, know from experts what to eat and what not

Heart Patient Diet : Once a heart attack occurs, there is a risk of it occurring again. This is why the patient’s treatment continues and he is advised to take medicines regularly. Apart from this, it is asked to pay special attention to the diet (Heart Patient Diet). According to health experts, the risk of heart attack or stroke can be reduced by maintaining a better diet. Know what to eat and what not to eat after a heart attack…

What to eat after heart attack

1. Whole grains

Doctors advise heart patients to increase the amount of fiber in their diet. In such a situation, whole grains can be beneficial. By consuming this dietary fiber the level of bad cholesterol remains low and weight remains under control. Due to this the sugar level also remains maintained. Oats, barley, brown rice can be consumed in whole grains.

2. Fruits and vegetables

It is considered good to consume fruits and vegetables after a heart attack. Dietary fiber is found in abundance in these. However, instead of drinking fruit juice, fruits should be eaten. Vegetables should be cooked in less oil.

3. Nuts

Consuming a handful of nuts daily can be beneficial for heart health. This has also been confirmed in many researches. Heart healthy fats are found in nuts. However, salted nuts should not be eaten.

4. Lean meat and seafood

Consumption of lean meat rich in protein is considered beneficial. Processed meat should be avoided. You can also consume fish. For this, you can include salmon or tuna in your diet. Omega-3 fatty acids are found in both. Vegetarians can make eggs, yogurt, cheese, tofu, soya milk, beans, chickpeas, cashews, almonds and walnuts a part of their diet.

What not to eat after heart attack

1. Avoid ultra processed things.

2. Do not eat things with high sugar. Stay away from chocolate, ice cream, custard.

3. Avoid fried and baked products like chips, cookies, namkeen and cakes.

4. Take very little salt in your food.

5. Do not consume canned and frozen vegetables.

6. Do not consume refined oil.

7. Do not eat junk food like pizza, burger, hot dogs.

What to do after heart attack

1. After heart attack, keep taking medicines along with food.

2. Walk for at least an hour daily.

3. Make yourself stress free.

4. Do meditation daily.

5. Quit alcohol and cigarettes immediately.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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