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Tea drinkers should pay attention one by one, AIIMS doctor tells 11 disadvantages of drinking tea

Tea Side Effects On Body: There are people crazy about drinking tea in the country and the world. Many people’s day is not complete without drinking tea. Caffeine and tannin are found in tea and coffee. As soon as you drink tea or coffee, you immediately feel energy due to caffeine and tannins. Gradually this tea has become an addiction. Dr. Vikas Kumar of AIIMS has shared a post on his Instagram. In this post he wrote that this post can make tea lovers sad. Because in this he has talked about the harm caused by drinking tea. In which he told that drinking tea once or twice does not cause any harm. But if you drink it more often or at the wrong time, it can harm the body in many ways. Today we will try to know when drinking tea can be harmful and when it is good. What is the harm in drinking it on an empty stomach?

First understand how tea causes harm on an empty stomach.

Experts say that tea or coffee is acidic in nature. There is an acidic system in the body. As soon as you drink tea on an empty stomach, the acidic balance immediately gets disturbed. Due to this, gas problem, sour belching and acidity are usually seen in people who drink tea. A compound called theophylline is found in tea. The first thing in the morning after drinking tea or coffee, the bacteria in the mouth break down the sugar. Due to this the level of acid in the mouth increases.

There may be a problem of dehydration

Drinking tea on an empty stomach can increase the problem of dehydration. There are many ingredients in tea which cause frequent urination. This may cause lack of water in the body. Tea drinkers should drink more water.

Could be an ulcer

The problem of heart burn is usually seen in those who drink tea on an empty stomach. Heartburn and gas formation are the main problems. If this problem persists for a long time, an ulcer may form. This is a serious stage of acidity.

Metabolism is affected

People who drink tea on an empty stomach. Their metabolism may be affected. This worsens digestion. Physical development is affected due to deterioration of the digestive system. Necessary nutrients are not retained in the body.

There may be problems related to teeth. Drinking too much tea can cause yellowing of teeth and may also lead to cavity problems.

Drinking too much tea can cause dental problems. Along with cavities, teeth may turn yellow.

Drinking too much tea can cause dehydration in the body. Because the caffeine found in tea slowly absorbs water from the body. Due to which there is lack of water in the body. You must have noticed that after drinking tea you come to the toilet again and again.

Drinking too much tea causes lack of sleep. Due to which one has to face stress, skin problems and many other problems.

Drinking tea increases both cholesterol and saturated fat. Due to which the artery of the heart starts shrinking. And BP starts increasing.

Drinking too much tea causes hormonal imbalance in the body. Due to this, problem of pimples and acne starts occurring.

The amount of tannin in tea is very high.

People who take antibiotics and heart medicines should avoid drinking tea. Because it has dangerous effects.

One should not drink too much tea even during pregnancy.

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