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tea or coffee? Which of the two is more beneficial in winters?

95 percent of Indians start their morning with tea and coffee. People resort to tea or coffee as soon as they open their eyes in the morning or if they want to get rid of the tiredness in the evening. Today we will talk about whether tea or coffee is beneficial for health? If we compare the amount of caffeine in both, then coffee has much more nicotine and caffeine as compared to tea. The amount of caffeine and nicotine in tea reduces because we filter it.


Caffeine is very harmful for health. It is found in many types of drinks. The most important thing about tea or coffee is what time you are drinking it. 400 grams of caffeine is healthy for a human being, if you drink more than this then it is harmful for health. 

Helpful in reducing weight

According to many researches, caffeine contains 3-13 percent calories. Which burns fat. Therefore, if you are thinking of losing weight then drinking coffee is more beneficial for you. 


Tea and coffee both contain antioxidants which protect us from many types of harm. It also prevents the spread of many diseases. 

Increasing energy level

The amount of caffeine in tea is less. Rich in L-theanine. Which is very good for our brain. Many researches have found that if you drink tea, then drinking the L-theanine found in it along with caffeine keeps you alert, focused and awake. 

This is the effect on teeth

Tea has a worse effect on your teeth than coffee. It changes your teeth from white to yellow. 

What do experts have to say

According to experts, tea is better than coffee because it contains less caffeine. There is a lot of difference in the process of making both. If you cook these two for too long, the antioxidants get affected, which is not good for health. Apart from all this, the amount of sugar you add to it makes a lot of difference.  

Tea or coffee?

Tea or coffee, it is a matter of personal choice. But excessive quantity of both is very harmful for your health. Therefore, you should consume both in very small quantities. One to 2 cups of coffee or 1-2 cups of tea is fine. If you drink more than this then it is harmful for your health. 

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