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The cold gradually subsided, schools started opening, how to protect your child from getting sick in the changing weather?

In India, there are three seasons throughout the year: winter, summer and rainy. We face winter from November to January. It is extremely cold here in December and January. Whereas in the month of May we face scorching heat. Whenever the weather changes, the risk of viral and bacterial infections also increases. It is currently winter in India but for the last few days the cold has become less than before. The schools and colleges which were closed due to cold web are opening again. But parents are still afraid to send their children to school. Because he may not fall ill during the changing weather.

Amidst the changing seasons, children often suffer from many diseases such as stomach upset, fever, cough, cold and sore throat are commonly seen in almost every child. Parents are especially afraid of their school going children. This is the reason why people are afraid to send children to school even after the winter subsides. Due to poor health of the child, his studies are also greatly affected. Because most of the examinations take place in this month. Due to poor health, the child is unable to handle the exam pressure. Today, through this article, we are going to tell you some special tips through which you can take special care of your child in the changing weather.

feed superfoods

To fight the increasing viruses during the changing seasons, one should eat more natural food items. For example, feed seasonal vegetables and fruits to the child. Due to this the immunity of the body remains intact.

Mix turmeric in milk and feed it – Whenever you feed milk to the child, add a little turmeric to it. This will strengthen the immunity of the child and the child will be protected from cold-cough.

Serve it with fruit chaat or a healthy plate of nutritious chicken soup

Feed fruits containing Vitamin C. This will reduce the risk of cold-cough.

feed chyawanprash
It is rich in herbal and medicinal properties, which helps in keeping diseases away. Start with half a teaspoon until your baby’s taste develops.

give baby water

The child should develop the habit of drinking water. Due to this he will not become a victim of dehydration. His body will remain hydrated.

flu jab

Keep giving all the vaccines to the child according to his age. So that he does not get any kind of flu due to changing weather.

Teach him to cover his mouth while coughing and wash hands frequently. Especially teach them to clean hands and mouth before and after eating. Forbid the child to touch any part of the body. Especially avoid touching eyes, nose and ears.

take care of cleanliness

Be sure to clean the area and things around the child. Because he uses it. Dirt gets inside their mouth. In such cases, use sanitizer.

let baby sleep well

Let the child get enough sleep so that he remains relaxed from within. Therefore, prepare his room accordingly so that he can spend quality time in his room.

Make children layer their clothes in the cold wind. So that if there is cold wind blowing in the morning, then you do not feel windy and if the heat increases in the afternoon, then reduce some clothes. Wear cold clothes.

Take special care of hair and skin- Take special care of hair and skin so that they fill well otherwise they will become very irritable.

keep honey and ginger with you-If the child hesitates in drinking cough syrup, then you can feed him a mixture of honey and ginger.

read this also, If these problems start occurring in the ears then understand that this is a sign of a heart attack, do not ignore it even by mistake.

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