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The patient of that plague has come again, due to which more than 5 crore people have died before.

For some time now we have been seeing relief from the terrible disease called plague. But recently once again a plague patient has appeared. History is witness to the fact that in the last few centuries, this dangerous disease called plague had taken the lives of more than 5 crore people across the world. There was a time when the whole of Europe was in the grip of this disease and millions of people were dying. Today once again the cases of plague have increased everyone’s worry and fear. ="whitespace-pre-wrap" style="text-align: left;">Cases of Bubonic Plague 
Last week, a case of a disease called Bubonic Plague was reported in a rural area of ‚Äč‚ÄčOregon state. Oregon state is located in the western part of the United States of America (USA). It is on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. This is the same disease that killed millions of people in medieval Europe. However, this disease is very rare in the modern era. According to the report, this person got the infection from his sick cat. After immediate treatment, the patient’s condition is now stable. In 2024, doctors know how to treat the disease better and can stop its spread. Let us find out how what was once called the ‘Black Death’ can now be cured. Earlier this disease was considered very dangerous because there was no cure, but now doctors know it well and can treat it. Medicines are available for. Therefore, if there is timely identification and treatment, this disease can be avoided. 

What is Bubonic Plague
Bubonic plague is a type of disease caused by bacteria. The name of this bacteria is Yersinia pestis. This disease is mostly spread by the bite of fleas found in rats and other animals. When these fleas bite an infected animal and then bite a human, this bacteria is passed to the human. In addition, if a person has direct contact with infected animals or goes close to a person suffering from pneumonic plague, he can also contract this disease. Pneumonic plague is a form of bubonic plague that affects the lungs and can spread through the air. 





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