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There is pain in the neck, know whether hot or cold fomentation, what will give relief?

Neck Pain: Fomentation is very effective in relieving pain. There are two types of irrigation. First hot and second cold fomentation. The work of both irrigations is different. Many times, after having neck pain, one does not understand whether to apply hot or cold fomentation. Experts believe that there is no evidence whether heat therapy or cold therapy is better for any pain. However, cold compress is recommended on new injuries and swelling. Whereas hot fomentation is done to reduce swelling, stiffness and tension.

Which therapy is better for neck pain?

According to a research published on NCBI, both hot and cold fomentation are better for neck pain. Generally, ice i.e. cold therapy is recommended for relief of acute neck injury, pressure on neck muscles, swelling, muscles after exercise. On the other hand, after the swelling is reduced by hot therapy i.e. hot fomentation for chronic or recurring neck stiffness, warming up of muscles before stretching or exercise is recommended.

Hot therapy or cold therapy which comes first?

Some research has shown that applying cold compress within 24 hours of exercise can reduce pain. However, there can be more than one reason for neck pain. Therefore, it would not be right to call any one of the two better. Both should be done alternately for better results. One should choose the one which provides more comfort to the neck. However, any irrigation should not last more than 20 minutes.

What is the use of cold fomentation?

Cold compresses relieve sudden pain from a new injury by constricting blood vessels, slowing circulation and reducing swelling. Cold therapy is considered better in muscle spasms and severe pain. For those who are on bed rest due to neck pain or strain, experts recommend cold therapy as better.

What is hot therapy better for?

Warm fomentation helps relieve the discomfort of chronic stiffness and tight muscles by improving circulation. With its help, more nutrients and oxygen can be delivered. This can provide relief from pain. This therapy also helps in loosening the muscles and making the tissues more flexible. Experts recommend hot fomentation for those doing daily work.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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