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These pulses are a treasure trove of protein, many problems go away by eating them, Sadhguru enumerated the benefits

Protein In Pulses: Protein is a very essential nutrient to keep the body healthy. It helps in building and repairing muscles and increases energy, strength of the body. Its consumption helps in building bones, skin, nails and hair. In such a situation, if there is a deficiency of protein in the body then the body becomes weak. Due to this, hair starts decreasing, there may be problems of weakness in nails and dryness in the skin. Deficiency of protein can lead to weight loss and impaired development of children. Therefore, to overcome protein deficiency, doctors recommend eating meat, fish, chicken or eggs. Protein is also found in some vegetables and pulses and beans. Now Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev has told about one such pulse, which is called a powerhouse of protein. Eating it provides many benefits.

Horse gram is a treasure trove of protein

Sadhguru has described horse gram pulses as a treasure of protein. He has described this pulse as having the highest protein among all the pulses present on earth. To overcome protein deficiency, it is necessary to consume this dal (Kulthi Dal Benefits) daily. In such a situation, this pulse should be eaten daily. Eating sprouted horse gram gives even more benefits. Due to this, the body gets more protein and it is also easy to digest.

Benefits of horse gram

1. Sadhguru told that horse gram pulse produces warmth in the body. Daily consumption of this dal maintains heat in the body.

2. Horse gram is rich in fiber along with protein. This can reduce weight rapidly. The elements found in it work as fat burners and can increase good cholesterol by reducing bad cholesterol.

3. Horse gram is helpful in reducing increased blood sugar level. This also improves insulin resistance in the body.

4. Lipids and fiber are found in horse gram pulses, which is helpful in controlling bad cholesterol in the blood. This lentil reduces the risk of blockage by reducing the bad cholesterol trapped in the heart veins.

5. Eating horse gram pulses can eliminate the problem of skin disorders. The risk of health problems like UTI, liver infection, kidney stones can be reduced.

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