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This favorite thing of yours is no less than ‘poison’ for children, be careful immediately

Tea-Coffee on Children Health: The number of tea-coffee lovers in our country is very high. Everyone likes to drink these. Some people have tea and coffee only in the morning and some keep drinking it one cup at a time throughout the day. Adults know how beneficial and harmful tea and coffee are, but children are not aware of it. Keeping children away from tea and coffee is beneficial for their health (Tea-Coffee on Children Health). Pediatrician has also alerted about this. Let us know at what age tea and coffee should be given to children and what effect it has on their health…

When should tea and coffee be given to children?

According to the pediatrician, children below 14 years of age should not be given tea and coffee even by mistake. It can harm them. Because of this their growth may stop. If your child is also drinking tea or coffee, then stop it immediately. Actually, caffeine is found in coffee, which stimulates the brain and increases heart beats. It can also cause problems like gastric acidity, hyperacidity and cramps. Due to this, children’s sleep also gets disturbed. When his sleep is affected, his body’s growth may also be hindered.

Why children should not drink tea

According to health experts, tannin is found in tea, which can weaken the teeth and bones of children. Many small children are also addicted to tea, so it can be dangerous for them. Because tannin and caffeine present in tea and coffee can harm the mental and physical health of children.

So why should children not be given tea?

According to experts, if children’s diet includes herbal items in some form or the other, then they can be given herbal tea. It is also better for those who are looking for alternatives to tea and coffee for their child. You can give them decoction made from herbs like ginger, mint, lemongrass, cardamom. However, even before this, definitely consult a pediatrician once. So that children’s health cannot be compromised.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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