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This herbal tea is the magic of winter, will give full energy along with immunity, can be made quickly with household items.

Drink Herbal Tea For Immunity: Winter season means the season of building health. It is cold in this season but most of the solutions to avoid it are available in our kitchen itself. Some of the substances used in these are hot in nature, hence it is better to take them in cold weather. Some increase immunity and some provide relief from cough and cold. Some cause weight loss while others clean the stomach by drinking it. Let us know some such herbal tea recipes which can be made from ingredients easily available in our kitchen.

Lemongrass and Ginger Tea

For this, take some lemongrass, crush ginger, put it in water and boil both together. Add cloves in it and after boiling for some time, filter and drink. If the taste seems bitter then add a little jaggery. It gives great relief to the throat in winter and is also good for the stomach.

Honey, Lemon and Turmeric Tea

This tea is called the elixir of winter. To make this, grind some black pepper and cut a lump of raw turmeric into small pieces and boil them in water. Raw turmeric is hot so take less quantity. After some time, filter it and mix lemon and honey on top and drink it. This works as a panacea in winter.

Tulsi Tea

The benefits of Tulsi tea are countless. You can take it as tea by mixing it in your regular tea or by boiling it in water. It not only increases immunity but is also very good for the skin. To make tea, boil basil leaves in a bowl and after filtering, add one spoon of honey and lemon juice and drink.

Mint Tea, Cinnamon Tea

Cinnamon is so hot that it is best to take it in winters. For this, boil cinnamon in water and also add crushed black pepper. Take it down, add jaggery and drink. It is very beneficial in weight loss. Similarly, you can also drink mint tea. Mint tea is good for the stomach. Boil mint leaves in water, strain them, add lemon and honey and drink.

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