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Tobacco is not necessary, sitting for a long time can also cause cancer

We often hear that tobacco consumption increases the risk of cancer, but in the modern lifestyle, there is another habit which we are ignoring, that is sitting for a long time. In today’s digital age, where most of the work is done sitting at computers and desktops, sitting for hours has become common. Be it working in office, watching TV or spending time on social media, sitting for long periods has become a special part of our lifestyle. 

Experts say that sitting for a long time can increase the risk of developing various types of cancer in the body. This habit affects blood flow, slows down the rate of metabolism, and increases insulin levels in the body, all of which can increase the risk of cancer. Additionally, sitting for long periods of time also increases the risk of obesity and heart disease, which creates favorable conditions for the development of cancer. 

Know that sitting continuously is no less than a risk 
Various researches have revealed that sitting in one place for a long time significantly increases the risk of developing some types of cancer. People who sit for more than 8 hours without moving are much more likely to develop lung, uterine and stomach cancer than those who remain active and walk regularly. The reason for this is that by sitting in one position for a long time, blood circulation does not occur properly in various parts of the body and the cells are not able to get oxygen and nutrients properly. This is why we should walk and exercise regularly. 

Know what to do for protection  
When we sit at one place for a long time, there is pressure on the muscles and bones of our body. Besides this, blood circulation also reduces. This can cause many types of problems, including cancer. We should get up and walk for some time after sitting and give some rest to the body. Not only this, also do some exercise or yoga regularly. This can prevent terrible diseases. 

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