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Transgender first got his egg preserved, after surgery now got the pleasure of becoming the father of a son.

A transgender man from Kerala has become a father after sex change surgery using preserved eggs. The father’s wife used frozen eggs and donor sperm to give birth to a child. Which marks a breakthrough in fertility treatment. This story gives hope to transgender people who want to have children with their DNA. This is the first such success in India where a transgender person has given birth to a child. 

Gender Reassignment Surgery

In the year 2021, a transgender person had approached Renai Medicity for gender reassignment surgery. Also at that time he had talked about preserving his eggs. The woman had undergone male reassignment surgery. After this surgery the man legally married a woman. After which she wanted a child of her own. Due to which he had already preserved the eggs. Later the embryo was successfully transplanted into the woman. As a result of this, the couple gave birth to a 2.8 kg baby in the month of December. 

According to fertility specialist Dr. Jisha Varghese, this is the first case when a transgender father has become a father from his own preserved ova. A special team was selected to look after this entire situation. Complex Fertility Preservation Treatment involves freezing eggs, embryos and sperm for later pregnancy. 

This is what the journey of becoming parents of a transgender looks like

Transgenders will also now be able to play with their blood in their lap. This is like a dream coming true. Renai Medicity of Kochi has done a great job. Through the complete fertility preservation process, a transgender can hold their child. For this, eggs, embryos and sperm will have to be frozen. The frozen embryos will have to be properly transplanted into the wife’s womb. This story inspires those transgender people who want to have children with their blood and DNA. 

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