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Use sugar candy like this in winter, cold and cough will remain far away.

Most Indians like to eat sugar candy with fennel. After eating food in restaurants, sugar candy along with fennel is often given. Have you ever wondered why this is done? We tell you the reason behind this. Sugar candy plays an important role in Indian food and worship. The taste of sugar candy is quite different from that of sugar. Also, whatever problem occurs in the body, sugar candy easily cures it. According to Ayurveda, there are many benefits of eating sugar candy.

Beneficial in cough and cold

Mishri is used in many ways during the cold season. Eating sugar candy also cures cold. Also cough and cold disappear. Now the question arises that how can you use it. First of all make sugar candy powder. Mix black pepper powder in it. Prepare a mixture by adding more ghee and then keep using it slowly whenever you have a cough.

You can use sugar candy in case of nose bleeding

The effect of sugar candy is cooling. In such a situation, if you want to keep your body temperature under control, then you can eat sugar candy. Nose bleeding often starts during the summer season. In the changing weather, you can drink sugar candy by adding it to water. This will provide immediate relief.

Beneficial in digestion

Mishri water is very beneficial in removing any kind of stomach related problem. Grind sugar candy and make powder and then eat it with fennel. This keeps your stomach cool. Besides, weight also remains under control.

Mishri also removes mouth ulcers

Eating hot food in winter causes mouth ulcers. In the changing season, you should make sugar candy a part of your lifestyle. For this, first of all make sugar candy powder and mix cardamom powder in it. Then you apply it gently on the blister. You will get immediate relief from blisters.

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