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Waking up suddenly while sleeping can cause permanent brain damage, never do this.

Sleep is an essential part of every person’s life, which helps us recover from the day’s fatigue and fill us with energy for the next day. But, many times we ignore the fact that suddenly waking someone up from sleep can have a deep impact on their health. Experts believe that if a person is woken up suddenly from sleep, it can cause permanent damage to his brain, which is also called brain damage. 

This action not only affects his Not only can it affect their mental balance, it can also have long-term effects on their memory, learning ability, and cognitive development. Therefore, it is important that we understand the quality of sleep and its importance and think twice before waking anyone up from sleep.

How brain damage can occur < br />Actually, when we are in deep sleep our brain is very active. During sleep, the brain performs many important functions such as repairing body cells and storing new memories. If we are woken up suddenly, there is stress on the brain because it is suddenly stopped from working. This stress can cause cracks in the blood vessels of the brain and bleeding starts, which is called brain hemorrhage. Sometimes the brain gets so badly damaged that the person may become disabled or may even die. Therefore, when you see someone sleeping, never wake him up suddenly, shake him gently or raise your voice. 

What is the right way to wake up < /p>

  • Slowly call out: First of all, start by calling their name slowly and lovingly. Do not make sudden loud noises. This will help them get into light sleep.
  • Use soft light: If possible, use dim lighting in the room. Sudden bright light can bother them.
  • Wake up by touching gently: Try to wake them up by touching them lightly on the shoulder or hand. Avoid sudden or forceful touching.
  • Use natural sounds: If you have a sound machine or mobile app, use natural sounds like birds chirping or light music.
  • Be patient: It may take time to wake them up. Don’t expect an immediate response and be patient. 

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