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Walnuts are a treasure of nutrition, eat a handful every day and say bye-bye to diseases.

Walnut Benefits: It is said that a person should keep taking some supplementary foods along with eating and drinking, supplementary means fruits, milk, vitamin pills, good sleep, dry fruits. Walnuts are also considered important among dry fruits. Many essential nutrients including protein, calcium, fat, carbohydrate, vitamin-E, B6, calories are found in it, which are effective in many types of diseases. Eating walnuts provides relief from heart diseases including diabetes. Especially, walnut is no less than a boon for the heart.

Come, let us know what are the miraculous benefits of walnuts.

1. Beneficial in heart disease

Research by Loma Linda University of California has revealed that eating a handful of walnuts daily does not cause heart related diseases. Also swelling reduces by 11.5 percent. Apart from this, Omega-3 fatty acids are found in walnuts, it reduces bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol, thus keeping the heart healthy. At the same time, eating walnuts also provides relief from asthma.

2. The mind becomes sharp

Omega-3 fatty acids are found in abundance in walnuts. Due to which the mind becomes very sharp. Consuming it provides relief from stress and also increases memory power.

3. Provides relief from constipation

Walnuts prove to be very effective in getting relief from the problem of constipation. Eating walnuts improves digestion. The fiber present in it works as a medicine for constipation, hence include walnuts in your daily habit.

4. Bones become stronger

Due to lack of calcium and vitamins in the body, bones start becoming weak. With the help of alpha-linolenic acid present in walnuts, bones get strengthened.

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