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Want to control diabetes? So just mix these four things in flour, the effect will be visible immediately.

Diabetes Control Flour: Many types of problems can occur after being affected by diabetes. This is a chronic disease for which there is no medicine. However, it can be controlled by making changes in lifestyle and diet. According to health experts, you can easily reduce blood sugar and cholesterol by changing your daily diet. There are four things which, if mixed with flour (Diabetes Control Flour) and used to make roti, can provide a lot of relief from diabetes…

gram flour-gram flour

According to health experts, rotis made of flour are made in our homes but the glycemic index of wheat flour is very high. It has high amount of carbohydrates. If you add a little gram flour to wheat flour, there will be no difference in the taste and the amount of protein will also increase. Eating rotis made from this flour early in the morning does not increase blood sugar level and controls cholesterol.

Barley flour

Barley flour is rich in fiber, which increases metabolism and prevents immediate formation of sugar. Barley flour works to increase insulin sensitivity. Barley also works to reduce low grade inflammation. It protects the body from many types of diseases. Therefore, while kneading wheat flour, add a little barley flour to it. By eating this, sugar does not increase throughout the day and cholesterol also remains under control.

ragi flour

If you have problem of sugar and high cholesterol then make rotis by mixing a little ragi flour with wheat flour daily. By eating which both things can remain under control. Ragi is rich in fiber and many nutrients. Calcium, iron, potassium, protein and polysaturated fat are found in ragi. Ragi can cure many types of chronic diseases.

amaranth flour

Amaranth flour is used as a medicine. Amaranth is a red colored granular grain. Porridge is also made from them. It is also called Rajgira and Amaranth. Research has found that anti-diabetic and antioxidative properties are found in amaranth. Consuming rotis made by mixing amaranth and wheat flour keeps blood sugar level and cholesterol under control.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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