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Weather is changing, cold and cough are increasing, keep these things in mind to stay healthy

Health Tips: March has started and the weather is changing. Feeling mild heat during the day and coolness at night. Due to which diseases like cold, fever, headache, stomach ache, body ache, eye irritation, eczema and flu are increasing. This is the season when problems also increase for asthma patients. People with weak immune system have more problems. In such a situation, some changes are needed in the daily routine in this season, so that health does not face any kind of problem. Let us know…

1. Avoid running the fan

In the changing weather, it is cold in the morning and evening and the temperature increases in the afternoon, in such a situation, when it is hot, most of the people turn on the fan, but one should avoid making such a mistake, because this is the biggest reason for the disease. This can cause cold and heat and can also cause fever. Therefore, if you feel hot, sit comfortably, the temperature will become normal in some time.

2. What to eat and what not to eat

People who fall prey to cold and fever very quickly, it means their immune system is weak. In such a situation, they should change their diet and eat such things which will increase their immunity. You can include green tea or black tea in your diet. However, do not drink more than one or two cups a day. Consume raw garlic, curd, oats, Vitamin D and Vitamin C foods. Eat rice, wheat, apples and dry fruits, include fruits and vegetables in your diet. The antioxidants present in them work to protect against diseases.

3. Do not compromise with cleanliness

Keep your hands clean to avoid flu and cold. If handwash and soap are not available anywhere, then keep sanitizer with you. Asthma patients should try to keep themselves warm and follow the guidelines given by the doctor. In case of eczema, keep applying coconut or sunflower oil on the skin. Keep taking medicines as per doctor’s advice.

4. If you feel unwell, stay at home and rest.

If possible, work from home only, so that the disease does not spread to other people. Avoid going out. If someone is suffering from cold then keep distance from him. Children should be especially taken care of in this season.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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