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What does heartbreak mean? Heart breaks only in love or does illness also have some connection with it?

Broken Heart Syndrome: Whenever we come to know about something sad, that is, when our heart gets completely emotionally broken after hearing about some unpleasant incident. This emotional breakdown only affects the heart. Due to this heart functioning reduces. In medical language, this is called Broken Heart Syndrome or Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy. This syndrome can occur at any age. Let us know what this disease is and what harm it can causeā€¦

What is broken heart syndrome

According to cardiologists, broken heart syndrome was first detected in Japan in 1990. In this condition, due to any unpleasant incident, which causes great emotional injury, the body suddenly releases hormones, due to which the heart becomes weak and can cause any kind of emotional or physical stress.

How different is broken heart syndrome from heart blockage?

According to health experts, heart veins are not blocked in this but heart functioning reduces significantly. A part of the heart gets relaxed, due to which instead of normal heart rate, a difference is seen in the ECG. Medicines are also given to improve the functioning of the heart but the best thing is that the problem gets cured in 1 to 4 weeks.

What causes broken heart syndrome?

severe stress

death of a loved one

Financial loss or fraud

get very angry

have a serious accident

Why are cases of broken heart syndrome increasing among youth?

According to health experts, nowadays the problem of broken heart syndrome is being seen more among the youth. The reason for this is that the youth are living a very stressful life. They become very emotionally weak and anger and anxiety dominate, due to which they break down emotionally. This affects their heart.

What problems can occur in broken heart syndrome?

1. Heart may become weak.

2. Heart will not function properly.

3. Clot formation in the heart

4. Heart failure.

5. Dying multiple times

How to avoid broken heart syndrome.

According to heart specialist, there is only one way to avoid broken heart syndrome, and that too is to live a stress free life. Therefore, to avoid this, one should stay away from stress. Every effort should be made to keep the heart healthy. Along with this, exercise should also be done every day.

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