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What happens in the body when cardiac arrest occurs… due to which actor Rituraj Singh died!

TV actor Rituraj Singh died on Tuesday morning. He was only 59 years old. A few days ago, the actor was admitted to the hospital due to stomach infection. From where he was discharged. But suddenly last night his health deteriorated and he died due to a heart attack. In today’s busy lifestyle, heart attack has become a common disease. Nowadays, people ranging from 15 years old to 45-55 years old are being made their victims.

Today we will know through this article what is the reason behind cardiac arrest? We will also know what happens in the body when cardiac arrest occurs.

Cardiac arrest is such a serious condition in which most people lose their lives. In this situation the heartbeat stops suddenly. Every year thousands of people die all over the world due to this disease. In cardiac arrest, the heartbeats suddenly become very fast. If treatment is received at the right time, the patient’s life can be saved. In this situation, till the medical service is received, the patient should start CPR i.e. breathing through mouth and hitting the chest vigorously with both hands.

Symptoms of cardiac arrest
Usually, cardiac arrest happens so suddenly that many times you are not able to recognize or even feel its symptoms. In such a situation the patient suddenly becomes unconscious and falls down.
1- When the blood supply to the brain stops, the person suddenly becomes unconscious and falls down. No one gives any reaction even after patting the back and shoulders.
2- The person’s heartbeat suddenly becomes very fast and he is not able to breathe normally.
3- The pulse and blood pressure of the victim stop. In such a situation, blood does not reach the brain and other parts of the body.

How to avoid cardiac arrest
1- For this it is most important for you to remain fit. Eat healthy food. Eat less oil, less cholesterol and low carb food. Do not consume sweet things and keep obesity under control.
2- Live a healthy lifestyle. Make time and rules for everything in your life, from eating and drinking to sleeping. This will keep your life balanced and reduce tension.
3- Avoid alcohol and cigarettes as they can cause heart problems. Consumption of alcohol and cigarettes affects your health.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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