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What is mixed in fake mawa to make sweets? This is how to identify the real one

Nakli Mawa: Diwali is a festival of lights as much as it is of delicious food. From Diwali to Bhai Dooj, Dhanteras and Chhath Puja, the process of eating continues like this. A lot of sweets, dishes and different types of snacks are prepared at home. None of our festivals is complete without sweets. Especially Diwali (Diwali 2023) and Bhai Dooj. Both these festivals are of sweets only.

In these festivals, most of the people bring sweets from the market. Most of the sweets are made from mawa, but adulterated mawa is available in abundance during festivals. Due to high demand for sweets, adulterated mawa sweets are being sold. Which has a bad effect on health. In such a situation, let us know from what things fake Mawa is made and how harmful it is for health…

What is mixed in fake mawa

1. Fake mawa is adulterated with dangerous things like low quality milk powder, talcum powder, lime, chalk and white chemicals.

2. To make fake mawa, urea, detergent powder and poor quality vegetable ghee are mixed in milk.

3. To make synthetic milk, mawa is prepared by mixing minor washing powder, refined oil, water and pure milk.

4. At some places, sweet potato, water chestnut flour, maida or potato is also added to mawa. Potato and starch are also added to increase the weight of mawa.

How to identify fake mawa

1. Mix some sugar in mawa and heat it. If it starts releasing water then it means the mawa is fake.

2. If the smell of ghee does not come from rubbing mawa on the thumb nail, it means it is fake.

3. If khoya balls start bursting after making them, then understand that the mawa is adulterated.

4. Real mawa does not stick to the mouth, whereas fake mawa sticks to the mouth.

5. Eating real mawa tastes like raw milk in the mouth.

6. Dissolve two grams of mawa in 5 ml of hot water and let it cool. After this add tincture iodine in it. The color of fake khoya will turn blue.

How to protect your health from bad sweets

Avoid eating colorful sweets. Synthetic colors are used in them.

Always try to buy mawa or sweets from a reputed shop only.

If mawa is more than two days old then do not buy it at all.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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