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What to eat and what not to eat during chemotherapy in cancer, know the complete diet from experts

Cancer Patients Nutrition: In case of cancer, chemotherapy is done first for prevention. Nutrition also has great importance in the treatment of cancer. In such a situation, special care should be taken about food. Actually, cancer treatment affects appetite to a great extent, which can also affect the disease. Therefore, along with treatment, a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates and proteins should be taken. Jill Bice, a registered dietitian at the University of Chicago Medicine, recommends diet and nutrition for patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Nutrition has been mentioned, which can help in treatment. Let us know…

Good diet for cancer patients

According to the dietician, when chemotherapy starts, appetite starts decreasing after a day or two. Therefore, nutrients and hydration need to be customized. This will provide sufficient strength for treatment. Your food should be rich in fruits, vegetables, vitamins and minerals.

Chemotherapy and diet

Nutrition experts tell cancer patients which things are good for them to eat and which are not. Because every patient can react differently to chemotherapy. Therefore, whenever you feel well after chemotherapy, eat a full meal. This is because your appetite may decrease after some time. Since these are difficult times, make yourself strong. If someone from family, friends or neighbors comes for help, definitely take their help. You can ask them to cook food. With this, you can eat home-cooked food during the long period of treatment.

What to eat after chemotherapy

1. Eat small and frequent meals.

2. To avoid strong odor, eat only food kept at room temperature, because heating food can make the food smell more foul.

3. Eat only soft food during treatment.

4. Avoid eating things that are sweet, smooth or fatty.

5. To keep your stomach healthy, keep eating dry and starchy foods throughout the day.

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