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When and why is Slap Day celebrated, celebrate it in this manner…

Slap Day is celebrated on the next day of Valentine’s Day i.e. 15th February. This day itself is very funny. On this special occasion, you can send funny memes and messages to your friends. This day is especially famous among those people who have recently gone through a breakup. This is the reason why funny and strange memes go viral on social media on this day. If you want to celebrate Slap Day with your friends in a funny way, then these tricks will be useful for you.

The meaning of Slap is not that today you go and slap directly or start hitting, but Slap also means that you show the mirror to the other person at the right time with your words and success. Through this article we are going to share some quotes with you. Which you can wish to your friends, ex through SMS or WhatsApp message.

Funny wishes for slap day

After slapping the wife the husband said,

Man kills only those whom he loves,

The wife slapped her husband twice and said,

What do you think that I don’t love you?

Happy Slap Day 2024

2.If someone is silent and he is being insulted,

So it may also be possible that he is planning to slap.

Happy Slap Day 2024

3.I hate two faced people,
Because it is difficult to decide which face to slap first.

Happy Slap Day 2024

4.Today is Slap Day due to which you are angry,
Go to him and slap him hard,

Happy Slap Day 2024

5.What does someone else need?

This fucking unemployment every day

slaps insultingly

Happy Slap Day 2024

6.Look at yourself in the mirror and slap yourself,

You will feel that pain.

Which you have given me.

Happy Slap Day 2024

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