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Why is the color of blood red and not blue or yellow? Know the reason for this from the doctor

Why Blood is Red in Colour: Blood is the most important element of our body, which works to deliver oxygen to the cells. No person can survive without blood. Has this question ever come to your mind that why the color of blood is red, whereas the color of our veins is not red? After all, what is there in the blood due to which its color is red? Let’s know the facts about this.

According to Dr. Priyanshi Pachauri, Consultant, Hematology and Blood Disorders Department, Fortis Hospital, Noida, there are two types of cells in our body. One of these is white blood cells (WBC) and the other is red blood cells (RBC). Red blood cells contain a protein called hemoglobin, which combines with iron and turns its color red. There are millions of red blood cells in our blood, due to which the color of our blood becomes red.

Dr. Priyanshi tells that when there is a deficiency of these elements in a person’s body, then his body starts looking blue. When a person gets poisoned, it gets mixed into our blood and the color of his body starts turning blue. It is very important to have adequate amount of blood in our body and due to its deficiency, we have to face many serious conditions. If a person notices the color of his body being light blue, he should immediately consult a doctor.

get checked from time to time

According to experts, there are two types of white blood cells in our body. One of these is WBC and the other is platelet. WBCs give our body the ability to fight diseases and platelets are necessary for our body to avoid bleeding. In the condition of dengue, the platelets in our body decrease and the risk of bleeding increases. People should get blood tests done from time to time to stay healthy.

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