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Why is World Cancer Day celebrated every year on 4th February? Know about the 5 most dangerous cancers and their symptoms.

World Cancer Day 2024: Cancer is a fatal disease. Every year lakhs of people become victims of cancer. Talking about India, according to WHO report, one out of every 10 Indians is at risk of cancer. Today is World Cancer Day 2024. Let us tell you that there can be many types of cancer, its risk is being seen in people of all ages. Timely identification and treatment of symptoms can help in reducing the risks of death from cancer. So let us tell you the history of World Cancer Day, symptoms of cancer and ways to prevent this dangerous disease.

world cancer day 2024 history

Cancer Day is celebrated every year on 4th February. This day is celebrated with the aim of increasing awareness about the dangers of cancer among the common people and giving information about its symptoms and prevention. The first Cancer Day was celebrated in Geneva, Switzerland in 1933 on the initiative of the World Health Organization. Since then, every year a new theme is released on Cancer Day. Every year this disease makes lakhs of people its victims. In such a situation, lives can be saved by identifying its symptoms in time.

Cancer types and dangers

Carcinoma, sarcoma, lymphoma or myeloma, leukemia, brain, spinal cord cancer are some of its common types. Apart from this, blood cancer, lung cancer, cervical cancer, breast cancer are those dangerous types which are continuously affecting people. Many cancers are caused by poor lifestyle habits such as drinking too much alcohol, obesity, poor eating habits and lack of physical activity. Some people are also genetically susceptible to cancer, which makes them more at risk of this disease. People with low immunity find themselves at greater risk. Some infections can also be responsible for causing cancer and approximately 2.2 million cancer deaths are caused by them every year.

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