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Why should one avoid eating readymade soya chaap, know how to make it at home

Just hearing the name of Chaap makes the mouth water. This is a snack which we all like very much. Chaap is the evening snack of many people. It is also considered a good alternative to chicken for vegetarians. Chaap is very much liked due to its delicious taste. Now we get many types of chaap in the market, like soya chaap, malai chaap, spicy chaap etc. All of these are delicious. But is readymade soya chaap tasty to eat but how harmful it is for health? Let us know here…

dangerous for heart health
Eating too much ready-made soya chaap from the market can be harmful. Because these chapattis contain high amount of harmful fat called trans fat. This is absolutely not good for our heart and health. Trans fat significantly increases the risk of heart disease.

high sodium content
Ready-made soya chaap has high amount of sodium i.e. salt. This can prove harmful for our body. Consuming too much sodium increases blood pressure. There may be a problem of high BP which causes heart diseases. That’s why doctors say that one should avoid eating ready-made chaap daily.

know how to mix artificial chemicals
Many times artificial chemicals and preservatives are added to ready-made soya chaap. All these things can have a bad effect on our health. These can cause problems like stomach problems, allergies etc.

Let us know how to make soya chaap at home.
To make Soya Chaap, first soak 1 cup soybean in water overnight. Next day, grind these soybeans well and make a soft paste. Boil 1 cup soya chunks, soften them and make a paste out of it. Now mix both the pastes together and add spices, salt and flour as per your choice. Add some water to it and make a soft dough. Now take small balls of this dough, roll them into roti sized balls and cut them into thin slices with the help of a knife. Roll these slices on ice cream sticks. Now put these soybean sticks in boiling water and cook. When they are cooked, keep them to cool.

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