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With this new app of Delhi AIIMS, you will be able to easily do weight management, anxiety and mental health sitting at home.

Zeigen App Delhi AIIMS: Delhi-based All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) is developing an app that will help people focusing on weight management and mental health. This smartphone-based app will help people manage their weight and mental health by focusing on their lifestyle habits. The name of this app is said to be Zeigen app Zeigen and its clinical trial is likely to be conducted in the month of February. Let us tell you that Zeigen app will support both iOS and Android users on mobile.

There are many types of health apps available in the market.

Let us tell you that there are many apps available on the internet that provide medical advice. But this app of AIIMS is considered more accurate and reliable. Doctors also hope that this will provide more medical help to people and it will be downloaded more in future. Doctors believe that at present obesity is rapidly engulfing people. In such a situation, people try weight management but they do not get the right advice. There are many types of weight management programs in the market which include fitness centers, weight management pills, nutrients, gym etc. Thanks to these, people are taking advice and suggestions to keep their health fit. But these health apps and weight loss pills only reduce body weight. Instead, the impact on mental fitness is not taken into account here.

Treatment of anxiety along with weight management

Health experts say that obesity brings with itself many mental problems. During this time, people’s self-confidence decreases and they continue to struggle with issues like stress, anxiety and lack of concentration. In such a situation, Delhi AIIMS is making such a clinical app which will help in weight management as well as in keeping your mental health healthy. Although there are many health apps which claim to maintain mental health along with weight loss, but their credibility is not complete. In such a situation, AIIMS’s app will be effective in many ways because many health experts have worked behind it. This app will take stock of the physical and mental health of the person with about a hundred questions and after that will work on weight management and improving mental health. This app is not being made only for those who want to lose weight, it will help everyone struggling with mental health issues. Along with solving the problems of the person suffering from anxiety, it will also improve his personality.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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