Home Health Your eyes tell you that Thyroid is increasing, know what are the warning signs

Your eyes tell you that Thyroid is increasing, know what are the warning signs

Your eyes tell you that Thyroid is increasing, know what are the warning signs

Thyroid Symptoms From Eyes: If someone has thyroid problem then his eyes indicate it. However, due to repeated ignoring, the problem increases. The immune system attacks the muscles and tissues around the eyes of thyroid patients, due to which swelling appears on the eyeballs. It seems as if the sockets will fall out. In thyroid eye disease, instead of fighting the infection, the immune system mistakenly attacks the thyroid gland itself, due to which thyroid hormones start being produced more or less than required, the effect of which is visible on the eyes.

damage around the eyes

According to the eye specialist, Thyroid is a gland which is present in the throat. Thyroid hormone is released from this gland. With the help of which the body becomes capable of doing many things. If there is any problem in the functioning of the thyroid gland, then it starts affecting the eyes or its surrounding areas. Thyroid eye disease is a type of autoimmune disease, which does not directly damage the eyes but damages the tissue around them.

These symptoms indicate thyroid eye disease

Due to this disease, the muscles and fatty tissue behind the eyes start swelling. This problem is seen more in hyperthyroidism patients. People who do not have thyroid problems can also get this disease under certain conditions. Protrusion of eyes outwards is the most common symptom of thyroid eye disease. Its second symptom is the raising of the eyelids, due to which the eyes start appearing bigger. Apart from this, swelling of eyelids and double vision are also symptoms of this disease. In some serious cases, eyesight may also become weak.

eyesight may go away

According to eye experts, thyroid eye disease mainly occurs in hyperthyroid disease. In such a condition, the thyroid gland starts producing hormones in large quantities. Hyperthyroidism can have a negative effect on the eyes, which is also called thyroid ophthalmopathy. Heart can also be affected by this. Which is called arrhythmia.

Hyperthyroidism can affect the brain along with brain tissue and peripheral nerves. Due to which tingling, numbness, weakness, pain, burning sensation may be felt in hands and legs or the brain may also function less. Not only this, cornea can get damaged due to hyperthyroidism. There may even be a problem of blindness.

Treatment of Thyroid Eye Disease

  • Keep an eye on eye problems
  • You can take anti-thyroid medicines on doctor’s advice.
  • Use of high doses of systemic and topical steroids on doctor’s advice
  • Frequent use of eye lubricants
  • covering the eyes
  • Take advice from eye-related experts.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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