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Rajat Sharma’s Blog | Kejriwal arrested: What will be the political impact of this? – India TV Hindi

Image Source : INDIA TV
Rajat Sharma, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of India TV.

Following the arrest of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal in the Delhi liquor scam, Aam Aadmi Party leaders and workers protested in Delhi, Haryana, Punjab and other states on Friday. The Enforcement Directorate (ED) team reached Kejriwal’s official residence with a search warrant on Thursday evening, interrogated him for about two hours and arrested him and took him to their office. On Friday, he was produced for remand in the Special Court of Delhi. Additional Solicitor General S. in the court of Special Judge Kaveri Baweja. V. Raju alleged that Kejriwal is the mastermind of the Rs 600 crore liquor scam and it is necessary to keep him in custody to make him face to face with the other accused. Raju also alleged that bribes worth Rs 45 crore were delivered to the Aam Aadmi Party in the Goa assembly elections four times through hawala. He claimed that all the statements of the witnesses have been confirmed through call detail records. Raju also said that Rs 100 crore was demanded from liquor traders to contest elections in Punjab.

Senior advocate Abhishek Manu Singhvi, appearing for Kejriwal, said in the court that the judge should not take it as a mere remand application but should apply astute judicial mind as the broader interests of democracy are involved. The threat of arrest has been hanging over Kejriwal for the last 5 months but this is an opportunity to re-look at the background of this entire matter. Kejriwal and his associates have been saying from day one that there was no scam in the matter of liquor excise policy. He kept saying that Manish Sisodia is staunchly honest, he was caught because he was giving good education to the children of Delhi. Then Sanjay Singh started saying that if you have courage then show it by arresting me, you just make allegations, why don’t you arrest me. Both of them have been in jail for several months. Went from High Court to Supreme Court for bail but did not get relief but Aam Aadmi Party kept saying that look, not even a single rupee has been recovered from anywhere, the cases are false.

ED people say that to reach the money trail they had to raid 100 places, the money was moved around so cleverly that connecting its wires was a very difficult task. Ultimately this link is to K.C.R. Daughter of. Related to poetry. No concrete information has been received yet about how the heat reached Kejriwal, but Kejriwal rejected 9 summons of ED, challenged the ED notice in the High Court, Kejriwal also said in the court that this was a There is an act of political vendetta and he is being arrested to prevent him from campaigning in the elections. Even today his argument is the same. People following traditional politics may say that arresting a Chief Minister before the elections can backfire, can create a boomerang, but if we look at the temperament of the Modi government, the experience so far is that this government has never had any political impact. Didn’t care about, didn’t care about the elections. Didn’t care about political profit or loss. The agencies were given complete freedom to take action in whatever case happened, where it happened, as it happened. (Rajat Sharma)

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