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Pakistan suffers huge loss in ICC Rankings

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ICC Rankings: Now only four teams are left contending to win the ODI World Cup. The World Cup is over for six out of ten teams. Now the semi-final and then the final match will be played between India, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. After this, on the night of 19th November it will become clear who will be this year’s world champion. The first semi-final is being played today between India and New Zealand at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai, followed by the second semi-final between Australia and South Africa in Kolkata on 16 November. Meanwhile, in the new rankings released by ICC, Pakistan seems to be suffering a huge loss. Not only this, the Australian team also seems to be in trouble. However, only the results of the upcoming matches will decide what the ODI ranking will be after the World Cup.

Team India number 1 in ICC rankings in ODI

If we talk about the latest ICC team rankings, Team India is currently occupying the number one position. Be that as it may, after all, the Indian team has reached the semi-finals of the ODI World Cup 2023 by winning all nine league matches. Indian team’s rating is 121 and points are 6290. After this, Australia’s team is at second place. His rating is 114 and points are 4318. South African team is at number three. His points are 111 and his rating is 3550. After this, Pakistani team is at number four. His rating is 111. The ICC World Cup may not have gone well for the Pakistani team and the team could not secure its place in the semi-finals, but despite this, its number four position is assured. The New Zealand team, which has reached the semi-finals, is at number 5 with a rating of 102.

ICC ranking may change after World Cup 2023 semi-finals

Now let us understand how the ratings and rankings can change due to the upcoming two semi-final matches. If the Indian team reaches the finals by defeating New Zealand today, then it will remain on the number one position and its rating will increase from 121 to 122. But if New Zealand wins, India’s ranking will remain at the top, but the rating will drop to 120. After this, if we talk about the match between Australia and South Africa, if Australia wins then Kangaroo team will remain at number two, but the rating will change to 115. Whereas the South African team will move from number three to four. But if the South African team wins, then the team will unexpectedly come straight to number two. In such a situation, South Africa’s rating will drop to 113 and Australia’s will drop to 112. Whereas Pakistani team will remain at number four with a rating of 111. But for the coming many months, Pakistan team will not play any ODI match, but other teams will play, in such a situation it is almost certain that Pakistan team may soon be out of the top 4, the danger of this is constantly looming over the team.

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