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Rohit Sharma will do such a feat, which no batsman has been able to do till date! – India TV Hindi

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Rohit Sharma will do such a feat, which no batsman has been able to do till date!

India vs England Rohit Sharma Record: The fifth and last match against England in Dharamsala is also going to be very important for Team India. Australia has won the first match of the series being played between New Zealand and Australia. With this, the Indian team has got a chance to again reach number one in the ICC World Test Championship points table. If Team India defeats the British even in the last match, then it will retain its hold on the same place. Meanwhile, if we talk about Rohit Sharma, he can create a record in this Test which no other player has been able to create before.

Rohit has so far hit 594 sixes in international cricket.

In the world of cricket, whenever it comes to hitting a six, the first name that is taken is Rohit Sharma. Today, he is also known as Sixer King. When we talk about hitting the most number of sixes in international cricket, the first name that comes to mind is Rohit. Rohit, who made his international debut in 2007, has played 471 matches so far and during this period he has hit 594 sixes with his bat. He has left Chris Gayle behind in this matter long ago. Rohit Sharma can now become the first player in the world to hit 600 sixes. For this they will need only 6 more sixes.

Number of these players after Rohit

In this matter, Chris Gayle is second after Rohit Sharma. He played 483 international matches and hit 553 sixes. Shahid Afridi has 476 sixes in his name. Brendon McCullum of New Zealand has 398 sixes in his name. That is, after Rohit Sharma, the other three players whose names are there, have retired from international cricket. Apart from Rohit, no other player has a chance to complete 600 sixes. Rohit Sharma will get two innings in the last Test against England. If his innings is big then it is not a big deal for him to hit so many sixes. But if they miss it, then they will have to wait for two to three months. Because IPL will start after the series, the runs of which do not count in international cricket. They will be able to make this record only when the T20 World Cup takes place in June. But what is certain is that whether now or in June, Rohit Sharma will be the only batsman who can touch this record. The rest of the batsmen are far behind him.

Rohit has scored one century and one half-century in the series.

This series has been a mixed bag for Rohit Sharma so far. In the first match of the series played in Hyderabad, he scored two short innings of 24 and 39 runs with his bat. After this, he also scored 14 and 13 runs in Visakhapatnam. But in the third match of the series, he took a dig at the English bowlers. He scored 131 runs in the first innings of the match. However, he could score only 19 runs in the second innings. In the Ranchi Test, he again had two short innings of 2 and 55 runs with his bat. If Rohit Sharma remains on the field in Dharamshala, then new records can be seen being created again. It remains to be seen with what strategy Rohit enters the field.

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