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The biggest record of women’s cricket broken in WPL, this bowler bowled the fastest ball – India TV Hindi

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Shabnim Ismail

The 12th match of the Women’s Premier League is being played between Delhi Capitals and Mumbai Indians. In this match, Mumbai Indians captain Harmanpreet Kaur won the toss and decided to bowl first. During this, a bowler from Mumbai broke the record of the fastest wicket throw in the history of women’s cricket. This bowler is none other than South Africa’s star bowler Shabnim Ismail. Shabnim Ismail bowled a ball in the third over of this match which blew everyone’s senses. This was the fastest ball in women’s cricket history.

fastest ball thrown

Shabnim Ismail, one of the current fastest bowlers in women’s cricket, has retired from international cricket. Ismail is 35 years old and has made the record of throwing the fastest ball at this age. Ismail bowled a record breaking ball on the second ball of the third over of the Women’s Premier League match being played against Delhi Capitals and broke the record of the fastest ball with a speed of 132.1 KMPL. Before this, no bowler had bowled at such a fast pace in women’s cricket.

Ismail broke the record of Australian fast bowler Ellyse Perry. Who had made this record during the WPL played in India last year. Ellyse Perry bowled at a speed of 130.5 KMPL in the match played against UP Warriors, breaking Ismail’s record of 127.4 KMPL. Now Ismail has regained his throne.

Top 5 fastest balls of women’s cricket (KMPL)

  1. Shabnim Ismail: 132.1
  2. Ellyse Perry: 130.5
  3. Shabnim Ismail: 127.4
  4. Shabnim Ismail: 127.1
  5. Darcy Brown: 126.8

Ismail’s career

Shabnim Ismail’s international career has been quite brilliant. She has taken 191 wickets in a total of 127 matches in Women’s ODI and 123 wickets in 113 T20 matches. Shabnim Ismail had planned to retire from international cricket after the T20 World Cup last year, but even today there is a lot of strength in her bowling. However, he proved to be very expensive in the WPL 2024 match against Delhi, he conceded 46 runs in 4 overs in this match and took only one wicket.

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