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The team that lost the final after winning all the matches of the World Cup

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Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli

ODI World Cup 2023 : Team India, captained by Rohit Sharma, won all the matches before the final in the ICC World Cup 2023. First the Indian team won nine league matches, then defeated New Zealand in the semi-finals, but in the final it lost to Australia by 6 wickets and the dream of winning the title remained unfulfilled. With this, Team India’s streak of 10 consecutive wins also ended.

After consecutive wins, Team India lost in the final

Do you know that India is not the first team which won all the matches of the World Cup, but ultimately lost in the final. This has happened twice before. Now it has happened for the third time. The World Cup is over, but it is important for you to know which two other teams have faced such an accident before this.

The same situation happened to England in the 1979 World Cup.

Let us first talk about the second World Cup i.e. the year 1979. Only eight teams took part in the World Cup that year. The England team has reached the semi-finals after winning three consecutive matches. It faces New Zealand in the semi-finals. The England cricket team wins that match by 9 wickets and goes to the finals in a brilliant manner and becomes invincible. But in the final it faces West Indies. Which had earlier won the 1975 World Cup and was considered a strong contender for the title that year also. England, which has won all the matches consecutively, has to face a crushing defeat of 92 runs at the hands of West Indies in the final and not only loses the title, but the series of consecutive wins also comes to an end.

In the year 2015, New Zealand team also reached the finals by winning all the matches consecutively.

After this comes the 2015 World Cup. Something similar happened with New Zealand. The team entered the quarter-finals by winning 6 consecutive matches. After this, West Indies was defeated in the quarter finals also. Now the team reaches the semi-finals. There he competes with South Africa. According to the Duck-Berth-Lewis rule, the New Zealand team goes straight to the final after winning by 4 wickets. On the other hand, it faces Australia in the final. The Kangaroo team had other plans. By defeating New Zealand by seven wickets in the final match, Australia not only stopped New Zealand’s victory chariot but also dashed the hopes of winning the title.

Something similar happened with Team India

Almost the same thing has happened with Team India this year. The Indian team first won all its 9 league matches and entered the semi-finals by topping the points table. There, after defeating New Zealand, it reached the finals directly, but like the year 2015, once again the Australian team was thinking of something else. Batting first, the Indian team scored 240 runs after losing all the wickets in 50 overs, which was not a huge score, but can be called a respectable score worth fighting for. The Indian team also took three wickets of Australia in the first seven overs and the match became interesting. After this, Australia broke the winning streak of the Indian team by achieving this target with 7 overs remaining and also managed to capture the title.

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