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Thorn removed from Ravindra Jadeja’s path, Test century scored after so many innings – India TV Hindi

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Thorn removed from Ravindra Jadeja’s path, Test century scored after so many innings

Ravindra Jadeja record century : At one time Team India had 3 wickets for 33 runs, but after this captain Rohit Sharma scored an excellent century and after that when he was out, Ravindra Jadeja took command. Ravindra Jadeja had been batting well in Tests for some time, but was not able to complete a century. Now that thorn has also been removed from Jadeja’s path. Ravindra Jadeja first batted carefully with Rohit and when his eyes settled and he started understanding the ball well, he also made some aggressive strokes. Meanwhile, he not only completed his fourth Test century, but also put the Indian team in a strong position.

Ravindra Jadeja was promoted and sent to bat first.

When Ravindra Jadeja came to the crease today, the condition of the Indian team was thin. India’s three wickets had fallen. Openers Yashasvi Jaiswal, Shubman Gill and Rajat Patidar were out and went to the pavilion. The team’s score was three wickets for 33 runs. After this, there was a need to bat carefully and solidly. Which Jadeja played very well with Rohit. First there was a partnership of 50 runs between these two, then 100 and after some time this partnership crossed 200. Rohit Sharma was out after scoring 131 runs, by then India had become very strong. After his dismissal, Ravindra Jadeja took over the responsibility. New batsman Sarfaraz Khan supported him and completed his half-century even before his century. Jadeja consoled the debutant Sarfaraz from time to time, so that he does not come under pressure.

Jadeja’s century came after 13 innings of test

Jadeja first completed his half-century and then started moving towards a century. However, Jadeja played a lot of balls to reach 80 to 100 runs. The reason for this is that in the meantime he had been getting out in the last several matches. Therefore there was a need to play carefully. Jadeja had earlier scored a century against England on June 1, 2022, when he scored 104 runs with his bat. After this he has scored three half-centuries, but there was a delay in getting the century. From then till now he had played 13 innings, but he was successful in scoring a century in the 14th innings.

Jadeja completed his century on 198 balls

Ravindra Jadeja batted properly in test today. He did not hurry at all and when he came close to his century, he batted even more carefully. He completed his century on 198 balls. During this, 7 fours and two sky-high sixes came from his bat. However, when Jadeja was unbeaten on 99, Sarfaraz Khan was run out due to a misunderstanding. Well, this keeps happening in cricket, but the good thing is that Jadeja has definitely strengthened the Indian team by completing his century.

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