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WTC: Rohit Sharma will have a fight with this player, will Hitman be able to become the winner – India TV Hindi

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WTC: Rohit Sharma will have a fight with this player, will the hitman be able to become the winner?

India vs England Test Rohit Sharma : This is the third season of the ICC World Test Championship. In this season, the teams are not only going back and forth after the match, but the players are also competing to outdo each other by scoring maximum runs and wickets. Virat Kohli has missed the entire series being played against England. But Rohit Sharma is definitely playing. It is another matter that he has not been able to score much runs in this series so far. Meanwhile, when Rohit Sharma comes to play in the third test match, his aim will be to leave England’s batsman Jack Crawley behind.

Rohit can leave Crawley behind

In fact, if we talk about the history of WTC so far, England’s Joe Root has scored the most runs in it. He is leading by scoring 4039 runs in 49 matches. If we talk about Rohit Sharma, he is currently at tenth position. Ahead of him at number nine is England’s Jack Crawley, who has just a few runs more than Rohit. Jack Crawley has so far scored 2256 runs in 35 matches under the World Test Championship. Rohit, popularly known as Hitman, has scored 2242 runs in his name after playing 29 matches. That means Rohit Sharma needs only 14 runs to overtake Crawley. If he does this then he will come at number nine in this list.

Rohit Sharma will have to score 15 runs more than Crawley.

Actually, it is not a difficult task for Rohit Sharma to complete this task. But the problem is that while on one hand Rohit will bat, Jack Crawley will also be seen playing for England. Only when the match ends, it will be clear which batsman remains at number nine and tenth. If Rohit scores 15 runs more than Crawley in the match, he will overtake him. While Rohit will have to score his runs, it would be good if the Indian bowlers send Crawley to the pavilion soon.

Only one Indian batsman in top 10

Rohit Sharma is the only batsman from India among the top 10 batsmen in the history of the World Test Championship. The runs of other batsmen are even less than that. Virat Kohli is currently at 11th position. He has scored 2235 runs after playing 36 matches. He will not play the remaining three matches of the series, so his runs will not increase. It remains to be seen how Rohit Sharma performs in the remaining matches of the series.

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