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Can we learn English in 21 days? Why should everyone in the country learn English?

Ideas of India, In our country, English is not only considered the language of communication, broadly speaking it is considered the language of class. English speaking people are viewed with a different respect. When the guests at ABP Network’s Ideas of India Summit 2024 were talked to on this topic, they expressed some such views. Talking about this, let us know what Neetu Singh, founder and teacher of KD Campus and Vijendra Singh Chauhan, Associate Professor of Delhi University, said.

Don’t make English a bogeyman

Regarding this, Neetu Singh said that take English only as a language, do not make it a bogeyman. If you put in all your heart and mind, then learning this language is not that difficult. He further said that if you want to increase your connectivity at the national and international level, then knowledge of this language is necessary. There are only a few states in our country where Hindi is spoken. Thus, to connect with maximum people in the country, you will have to learn English. Therefore, this is a means of communication but its knowledge is very important in the times to come.

is a tool for social division

Regarding this, Professor Vijendra Singh said that with the passage of time the importance of Hindi has increased and the media also has a good role in it, but even today English is considered the language of the class. Language has certainly been a tool of social division.

He also said that if English becomes everyone’s language, that is, everyone starts speaking it, then those in power will demand a new language. Because they have a habit of doing something different from what the mass is doing.

English is useful in competitive exams

Speaking in favor of English, Neetu Singh also said that whatever you say, the truth is that if you know English, it also helps in competitive exams. For most of the exam preparation, the content of English newspaper is useful.

Not only this, most of the good books are also in English. As for translation, doing so kills their soul. In the same way, if you convert a couplet or poem from Urdu or Hindi into English, its form will be lost. Therefore, English is needed to stand ahead in competitive exams and various aspects of life.

Don’t try to impose Hindi

Neetu Singh further said that if you want to see India at the world level then do not impose Hindi. Its knowledge is good but English is also important. As for speaking fluent English in 21 days or 45 days, this is completely wrong. It takes time to master any language. If proper guidance is given then this time can be reduced but not that much less. Yes, if you give your all and focus only on this work, then it is possible that you can learn English in 20-30 days.

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