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College students can do these great jobs in the new year, they will earn good money along with studies.

How to earn with college: Many times college students need to earn money along with studies. In such a situation, they feel a problem because neither can they leave their studies for a job nor can they manage without earning money to study. If you also have this problem then there are some job options which you can do along with college. However, it largely depends on your course as to how much time you are able to give to other work. Let us know some such options.

library assistant

Working in a library is a great option. With this, you can study in your free time and you have access to many books. Second income is also earned. As an assistant, you can earn some money by helping librarians maintain books wherever they are needed.

Clerk and Office Assistant

According to your degree and interest, you can work from Bar Bank Clerk to Office Clerk and Administrative Assistant. Choose your duty hours as per your convenience and join the field where you can contribute, from finance to management.

Bar Tender, Casino Dealer, Night Manager

You can choose any of these according to your interest, timing and salary. You will not have any problem of time in these three tasks. At many places the work starts at night itself. Similarly, you can also join hotels etc. as a night manager.

Accounts, Finance, Receptionist, Fitness Instructor

You can do any of these works as per your capacity. If you have good knowledge of finance then you can work under a CA. Can do tax preparer job. If you have good knowledge of finance then you can find work in the stock market, you can work under someone. Similarly, you can join part-time jobs as receptionist and fitness instructor as per your interest and talent.

Teacher, Care-taker, Dog Walker

Such small tasks can also be done. You can give tuition to children, take care of them, walk people’s dogs or take care of them in the absence of family members. For these you charge on per hour basis. This work does not require any special skill.

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