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How helpful are special classes in preparing for board exams, do they help or is it a waste of time?

Special Classes For Board Exam Preparation 2024: There is only a little time left for the board exams to start. At this time, the preparations of the students will be at their final stage and the revision phase will be going on. Some students may also be struggling to finish the course. In such a situation, many times the question arises whether special classes should be taken for preparation. Will this be beneficial or will it be a waste of time? Many students want to do self-study only at this time. If this question also arises in your mind then today we know the answer to it.

beneficial for whom

The answer to the question for whom special classes are beneficial also depends on how far these classes are from your home. Broadly speaking, experts believe that it is best to avoid classes that are far away from home, where a lot of time is wasted in commuting. By going here, you will spend more time in preparation and commuting than you will in covering the course. Therefore, if these classes are nearby then definitely join them and if they are far away then leave them.

Where is the confusion? This is important.

If you want to go to a special class for a particular subject or for a particular topic, then definitely go. If there is any topic which you are not able to understand even after a lot of efforts, then clear the confusion related to it in time. Especially if there is a special topic then definitely prepare it by taking a class.

Are you able to play matches at class pace?

It is important that whatever is being done in the class you are attending, like revision or numerical practice or anything else, are you able to keep up with it? If something else is teaching there and you are stuck somewhere else, then these classes will not match with your pace and speed and will only give you stress. Keep these things in mind while making your choice.

Don’t fall prey to false claims

If any class talks about giving a crash course or guaranteeing getting so many marks in ten days of study, then leave it alone. No class can force you to study. If your preparation is less or not done then try to complete it through self study. If possible, take help from your teachers. But stay away from the special class making such claims.

there is still time

The choice of special class depends on what stage of preparation you are at. If you have prepared well and just want to do revision or brush up, then join such a class. Here you will get a chance to compete with other children. However, as the exam date approaches, you should focus only on self study.

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