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How should one eat during board exams? Avoid these things otherwise harm may occur

Foods To Avoid During Exams 2024: As much as it is important to study while preparing for the board exams and during the exam, the food habits during this time are equally important. If children do not eat properly at this time, their studies may be adversely affected. The body gets benefits only when the stomach remains full and the food is full of nutrition. The brain works faster and alertness increases. Let us know why proper eating habits are important during exams, what children should eat and what they should avoid.

times of stress

This is a stressful time for most children. Under exam stress they either do not eat or eat excessively. Due to this, their body does not have energy and their mind remains busy with hunger instead of studies. Many times children do not feel hungry but they are not able to concentrate. Therefore, it is important that children keep taking healthy meals at regular intervals. Even if you are not hungry, it would be better to keep eating something. Many times we lose our appetite due to stress. Some children even suffer from problems like nausea.

Eat protein rich diet and eat less carbs

At this time, eat protein rich foods like milk, eggs, cheese, tofu, whole grains, green vegetables. Eat less carbs because it sometimes makes you feel sleepy. Eat simple and fresh home-cooked food and never go for exams on an empty stomach.

You can take many food items like low fat milk, muesli, egg, egg and toast, yogurt, oats, banana, apple, ragi or semolina or dosa idli, papaya, dry fruits.

Do not stage packaged food

Many times children eat healthy meals like lunch and dinner, but when they feel hungry while studying, they choose unhealthy items like chips, cold drinks, noodles. The way to avoid this is that the mother should keep items like makhana, peanuts, corn, fruits, homemade chivda, fried laiya, puffed rice laddu, dry fruits, roasted peas, roasted gram near the child’s table for eating. Give. So that if the child has to do Munching, he should not eat packet food.

avoid these

Avoid market food, pizza, burger, bada pav, cheese sandwich and many such junk foods. These not only harm your body but also cause dullness in the mind. Make sure to keep distance from them from a few days before the paper till the exam starts. Do not eat flour and products made from it. Avoid deep fried food. Do not eat heavy, greasy or very sugary food. On the day of examination, have breakfast only and have only healthy home-made breakfast.

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