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Is it more beneficial to study group or solo for board exams? know

Board Exam Preparation 2024: While preparing for board exams, this question often comes in the minds of students that which method of preparation is better, group study or solo study. Many students are clear about their choice while others remain confused. If such questions also come to your mind then today let us try to know the pros and cons of both the methods. Let’s see which method is better.

everyone’s way is different

Before getting into this debate, know that everyone’s needs are different and everyone’s pace of reading, understanding and grasping is different. First of all you should see which method is effective for you and then choose it. The advantages and disadvantages of anyone come after your own needs. Therefore the choice should be individual.

Group study vs solo study

  • You have to start with solo study only. Therefore, plan group study only after the preparation has progressed to a certain extent. If you sit in a group in the beginning, you will not be able to prepare. Self study comes first.
  • Once the preparation is up to a certain level, group study can be done to discuss it and understand other aspects of the topics. With this, you also get to know the perspective of others and if you miss something, it becomes apparent to you.
  • By doing group study, we get to know many other aspects and the preparation done gets confirmed. This makes revision better and whatever comes next becomes confirmed.
  • If you perform well, it increases your confidence and if your preparation is less than others, your confidence may also decrease. Therefore, join group study thoughtfully.
  • Many times people start evaluating themselves after reaching a group and start feeling inferior, hence self-doubt comes. They also go with whatever is prepared. Keep this one drawback in mind.
  • There are more chances of distraction in group study. Human tendency is that when three-four or more people are together, conversations start happening. In such situations, many times we deviate from the topic. So do group study only when all of you remain disciplined.
  • In a group study, if even one person or prisoner is careless, it can waste the time of the entire group, think this and move ahead or choose your group.
  • Many times students are good in studies, discipline is also good but nature is not good. Knowing this, they will either give you wrong advice or not give it or hide it. Stay away from these things.
  • In group study, one does not get bored, one does not sleep and one does not realize when the hours pass by. Everyone decides that they have to work for so many hours, so even if this target is not achieved alone, it is achieved in a group.
  • Broadly speaking, you should decide whether self-study or group study is best based on your capabilities. However, when preparation reaches a certain level, sometimes discuss with the group or sometimes do group study, but do not make it a rule. Dependency on any group or friend is not good.

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