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New way for 10th pass youth to start fertilizer-seed business

The Central Government has promoted employment opportunities by changing the rules to promote the fertilizer and seed industry. Now tenth pass youth are also getting the opportunity to do fertilizer and seed business. For this, the government has made a 15-day course, after completing which the youth will be able to open a fertilizer-seed shop.

Along with the youth who have graduated in agriculture, 10th pass youth will also get an opportunity to enter the fertilizer and seed business through this initiative. This step will provide employment opportunities to the youth without any major challenge. The facilities provided by the government in the fertilizer-seed sector can prove to be a powerful medium to make the youth self-reliant and can create new opportunities in the agriculture sector.

Get more income from investment

Now the way of earning more money by investing less in fertilizer-seed business has changed. Now new rules have come into effect for obtaining license to enter the fertilizer and seed business. To acquire professional qualification, a registration fee of Rs 12500 will have to be paid in the fertilizer-seed centre. Completion of this course is mandatory, and anyone who does not complete it will not get a license.

Experts say that this step will make fertilizer-seed traders more experienced, which will enable them to use better marketing and production techniques. Will be able to learn. Apart from farmers, this will provide new possibilities to business entrepreneurs.

10th pass required

The Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare has taken an important decision. Now, to open a fertilizer and seed shop, it will be necessary to have passed 10th. To work in this field, one should first have B.Sc in Agriculture or Diploma in Agriculture. Now 10th pass people can also do business in pesticides and fertilizers and seeds because this requirement has been removed. This decision is an important step towards new expectations in the fertilizer-seed sector.

Youth will get great relief in the trade of agricultural products

The central government has changed the rules to increase employment. As a result, it has become easier for youth with BA pass and 10th pass in the agriculture sector to obtain license to open fertilizer, seed and pesticide shops. According to the new rules, these youth will have to do a 15-day certificate course at the Agricultural Science Center. After completing the course they will have to appear for the examination. They will receive a certificate later, after which they will be able to apply for a license.

This new rule will help young entrepreneurs and add new energy to the communication of agricultural products. With this, more youth will be able to become self-reliant and make their place in the agricultural sector. This decision will create important opportunities for the youth and take them in a new direction.

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