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Strange decision of the government of this state, schools will give question paper, students will have to bring answer sheet from home.

You must have often heard and seen that whenever exams are held in any school, question papers and answer sheets are given to the students by the school. But today we are going to tell you about a decision which will change this system. Actually, the Karnataka government has taken a decision according to which students of classes 5th, 8th and 9th will have to bring the answer sheets from home in the exam.

The state government has given instructions to all the schools to give only question papers to the students at the time of examination. Whereas students will bring the answer sheet with themselves. Apart from this, it has also been decided to evaluate the answer sheets at the block level. But the reasons behind this decision have not been known yet. 

Court canceled the exam

The exam is conducted by the Karnataka State Examination and Evaluation Board. Earlier the exam was scheduled from 11th to 18th March. But the High Court has canceled the examinations of class 5th and 8th starting from 11th on Monday. At the same time, the public exams of class 9th and 11th have also been cancelled.

Answer sheet will be given to students

According to media reports, the examination was conducted in the year 2022-23 by providing free answer booklets and question papers to the students. After which it was said by the department that this year also the students will be given answer sheets. But before the exam, the department has said that students will be provided with only question paper and a sheet to write the information. After this decision, politics has also heated up.

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